People's Writer of Dagestan Magomed-Rasul Rasulov dies

Today, a 81-year old people's writer of Dagestan, playwright, literary critic Magomed-Rasul Rasulov died in Makhachkala Magomed-Rasul Rasulov was born in 1936 in the village of Kubachi. He graduated from the Stalsky Pedagogical …

Kubachi Plant's museum named after Rasul Alikhanov

Kubachi is different from the other villages of Dagestan because here one cultivates not the soil, but the skills to work with precious metals. During Soviet times up to 800 people worked at the Kubachi plant. Three and a half tons of silver …

Kubachi. Dagestan

Kubachi is different from other villages in Dagestan due to the fact that its main activity is not agriculture, but work with noble metals. The ancient craft of metals art processing forms the entire way of life of Kubachi village residents. Even …