Lachin corridor

Moscow’s Karabakh puzzle 

The anniversary of the 44-day Second Karabakh War that became victorious for  Azerbaijan, is approaching: three-quarters of the region returned to Baku, and a Russian peacekeeping contingent was deployed on the rest of the territory, where ethnic Armenians compactly live

Who needs Zangezur corridor?

The long-lasting Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict has led to human suffering and population displacement, and the “status quo” related to the occupation of Azerbaijani territories could not be a final resolution in this process

Baku: Armenian soldiers in civilian dress transferred to the territory of Azerbaijan

One of the elements of the statement that was meant to serve the peace and reconciliation process was concerning the provision of stable communication between the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan and Armenia via the so-called “Lachin Corridor” of which security is provided by the Russian peacekeepers, Dr. Vasif Huseynov, a senior fellow at the Center of Analysis of International Relations, writes for Eurasia Review