Baltic States are the territories of geopolitical games

The large scope of military exercises which NATO conducts today is not only a signal to its opponent, Russia, but also the attempts of the Alliance to keep interest of its member states and justify its existence. Such political and military …

AirBaltic resuming Riga-Tbilisi-Riga flights

AirBaltic, the flag carrier of Latvia, is resuming Riga-Tbilisi-Riga flights starting March 28, announces the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency. Flights will be carried out twice a week - on Mondays and on Thursdays - while from May 2020 …

NATO invents new threat in Baltic states

It is well known that NATO member states agreed at the 2016 Summit in Warsaw to enhance NATO’s military presence in the eastern part of the Alliance. So, the arrival of the multinational Allied battlegroup in Latvia in June 2017 concluded the deployment of forces under NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence in the Baltic States and Poland

Baltic states to create 'travel bubble'

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will open their borders to each others' citizens from May 15, creating a Baltic "travel bubble" within the European Union amid an easing of pandemic restrictions, their prime ministers said. …

What is danger of glorification of Nazi collaborators

Against the backdrop of conflicts between the former Soviet republics, the instability of the political and economic situation in some countries, the historically formed brotherhood of the peoples of the post-Soviet states is being tested by revisionist policy