Сareer workshop opened at Mashuk forum

The career workshop has begun its work at the Pyatigorsk Mashuk-2020 online-forum. About 250 participants will be able to get a job - over 50 vacancies from  20 well-known Russian companies are ready to hire them,” the forum press …

'Mashuk-2019' opens in Pyatigorsk

The North Caucasian Youth Forum 'Mashuk' opens in Pyatigorsk today. Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a congratulatory telegram to the forum's participants. Its text is published on the Kremlin …

Mashuk Forum can become year-round

The authorities of the Stavropol Territory plan to create a permanent all-the-year-round platform for the North Caucasus  Mashuk Youth Forum. This idea is considered by the authorities of Stavropol, " forum's director Dmitry …

'Mashuk-2016' opens in Pyatigorsk

The 7th North Caucasian Youth Forum 'Mashuk' started in Pyatigorsk today. According to the organizing committee, 2450 people are expected to participate in the forum this year. "The majority of participants will arrive …