Maya Astvatsaturova

North Caucasus perceives Kemerovo tragedy as its own

The North Caucasus perceived the tragedy in Kemerovo, which killed 64 people, as if it was their own, the representatives of the Caucasian intelligentsia told the correspondents of Vestnik Kavkaza, expressing their condolences to the …

"North Caucasus has an excellent knowledge of Russian"

The importance of the Russian language for the North Caucasus can not be overemphasized, because it is both the language of everyday communication, including interethnic communication, and the language of official state life in the North Caucasus …

Capital of Chechnya is safest city in Russia

Grozny tops the rating of safest Russian cities. The poll respondents rated how much they agree with the statement "I live in a safe area and do not afraid to go home at night," according to a 10-point scale. The local residents called …

North Caucasus is stronghold of sobriety in Russia

The regions of North Caucasus have become the most 'sober' in Russia. These are the results of a joint study, conducted by the federal project 'Sober Russia' and the 'Rating' information communications center. At …