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NATO to strengthen assistance to Georgia

NATO North Atlantic Alliance intends to strengthen the support and assistance provided to Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova in strengthening their national security and sovereignty, NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow …

Moldovan cargo ship set afloat in Yeisk

Work on setting the Moldovan Amur cargo ship afloat has been successfully completed in the Yeisk area of the Azov Sea, the operational services of Krasnodar Territory report. "The vessel is in a safe area and it is about to …

Opposition actions help Plahotniuc, Nagernyak says

The Director General of the International Fund for promotion of culture, science and education 'Humanism, Progress and Rule of Law', Yuri Nagernyak, spoke about the further development of the situation in Moldova. …

 Steinmeier: Nagorno-Karabakh conflict not frozen

Unresolved conflicts in Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transdniestria are not frozen, as they continue to bring hardship to the people and stagnation to the regions, the German Foreign Minister, OSCE Chairman, …

The political line of the EU towards Moldova is wrong

It is difficult to draw whole countries into the orbit of its influence through tactics of small concessions and donations, expert believes  Yesterday supporters of the opposition ‘’Our Party" began to protest …

Moldova to choose

A stepping stone in Moldovan politics is the selection of a vector either towards Europe or towards Russia, towards the EAEC