Vardan Voskanyan voiced Iranian discontent in Armenia

Communications between Azerbaijan and Armenia on the permission of the Azerbaijan civil aviation flights were partially unblocked yesterday. But it turned out that not all the people are pleased with such a shy step towards peace. Head of the …

Baku-Nakhchivan buses continue to pass through Iran

Buses operating on the Baku-Nakhchivan-Baku route continue to use the territory of Iran for travel, Spokesperson for the State Road Transport Service of Azerbaijan Nurida Allahyarova said. In the last several days Iran, Azerbaijan's …

Who needs Zangezur corridor?

The long-lasting Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict has led to human suffering and population displacement, and the “status quo” related to the occupation of Azerbaijani territories could not be a final resolution in this process

Cherry-plum festival kicks off in Nakhchivan

The 5th traditional Göyce festival, named after this region’s brand- alycha (plum) goyche - has started in Nakhchivan. The Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is in the midst of the cherry-plum season.  This year the farmers …