Nakhichevan corridor

Nakhchivan prepares South Caucasus for railway revolution

A new rail line connecting Azerbaijan with its exclave of Nakhchivan promises to revolutionize transportation in the Caucasus and could have broad ramifications further afield, David O’Byrne, an Istanbul-based journalist who covers energy, writes for Eurasianet. In February, a camouflage-clad Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev laid the foundation for a new 100-kilometer stretch of railroad across southern Azerbaijan, along the Iranian border, in territory that Azerbaijan took back from Armenia after the war last year. “This railroad has enormous strategic significance,” he said

Not all roads lead to Georgia

Last year’s war between Armenia and Azerbaijan could shake up trans-Caucasus trade, which has been dominated by Georgia for decades

Who will benefit from building Nakhichevan corridor

From the perspective of Eurasian connectivity, the Nakhchivan corridor could become part of both north-south and east-west transport corridors that get through the South Caucasus, writes Orkhan Baghirov, a leading advisor at the Center of Analysis of International Relations (AIR Center) in Baku