Nikol Pashinyan

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Pashinyan puts Armenia up for auction between Russia and West

The situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border remains tense. On May 27, a group of Armenian soldiers was detained by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces while crossing the state border. Baku defined the incident as a sabotage attack by the Armenian military, while Yerevan hastened to announce the capture of the soldiers of the engineering troops, for some reason sent to the zone of imminent confrontation

Pashinyan hopes Civil Contract to receive 60% of votes

Acting Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan hopes that at least 60% of voters will give their voices for his Civil Contract party in the upcoming early parliamentary elections. He announced this at a meeting with party activists in three …

Armenian experts consider rhetoric of politicians running for elections to be ridiculous and absurd

The last time Armenians went to the polls, in 2018, they were voting optimistically. Following Nikol Pashinyan’s successful toppling of the old regime via street protests, voters gave him an overwhelming mandate for what promised to be a future of growing prosperity, rule of law and a defeat of corruption, and reducing the country’s dependence on Russia. Now, though, the picture is far more pessimistic

Putin says to Pashinyan: ceasefire must be observed

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed the need for strict observance of a ceasefire agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan during a phone call with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on May 13, the Kremlin said. The parties …

Armenia After The Parliamentary Elections

On June 20, snap parliamentary elections will be held in Armenia. The move will ease tensions in the country but will fail to end political divisions and solve structural troubles such as poor economic situation, weak judiciary, and the …