Nakhchivan prepares South Caucasus for railway revolution

A new rail line connecting Azerbaijan with its exclave of Nakhchivan promises to revolutionize transportation in the Caucasus and could have broad ramifications further afield, David O’Byrne, an Istanbul-based journalist who covers energy, writes for Eurasianet. In February, a camouflage-clad Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev laid the foundation for a new 100-kilometer stretch of railroad across southern Azerbaijan, along the Iranian border, in territory that Azerbaijan took back from Armenia after the war last year. “This railroad has enormous strategic significance,” he said

Iran is nowhere near as isolated as US thinks

Iran is geostrategically positioned to play an integral role in Russian-South Asian connectivity. President Putin told the Valdai Club during its annual meeting in October 2019 that “there is one more prospective route, the Arctic …

Nakhchivan Corridor: Implications for Georgia and Iran

The January 11 trilateral meeting, in Moscow, of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev focused on the unblocking and development of regional transport corridors in …

Azerbaijan Railways to reconstruct Guzdek-Garadagh railway

Azerbaijani Railways have begun reconstruction of the Guzdek-Garadagh railway that will greatly contribute to the expansion of the North- South transport corridor and strengthen the country's position as a transit country, the company …

Will Azerbaijan open India way to Arctic?

According to Bala Ventakesh Varma, Indian Ambassador to Russia, at the Forum entitled ”Arctic: Present and Future”, the North-South International Transport Corridor, which will connect India and Russia through Iran and Azerbaijan, …