Wartime Il-2 aircraft found in Black Sea (VIDEO)

A wartime sunken Ilyushin Il-2 aircraft was found on the bottom of the Black Sea near Novorossiysk after two years of search. Divers are currently working at the place of discovery. They are trying to clear the ground-attack aircraft of …

‘Gray’ gas workers rob resident of Novorossiysk

A resident of Novorossiysk appealed to the police with a statement about the robbery. According to her, three women entered her apartment under the pretext of replacing gas equipment. The mayor of Novorossiysk, Igor Dyachenko, wrote about the …

Novorossiysk to hold marine parade

A marine parade will be held in Novorossiysk next Sunday, July 30. A total of 20 ships and support vessels and more than 1,000 soldiers will be involved in this parade. After parade Novorossiysk residents and guests will be …

‘Rusty’ rain in Novorossiysk

The residents of Novorossiysk were caught by the ‘rusty’ rain. Forecasters believe that the unusual color is due to the African cyclone, the press service of the city administration reports. …

Resident of Novorossiysk hides heroin in rubles

The press service of the Lugansk Interior Ministry announced today about the arrest of a 27-year-old resident of Novorossiysk with heroin. "The police found and seized a bundle of 100-rouble-banknotes with a powdery substance …

 Storm interrupts oil exports from Novorossiysk

Transneft temporarily suspended oil loadings from the port of Novorossiysk due to a storm, Transneft spokesman Igor Demin said. "There may be possibly a window by the evening," TASS cited him as …