Pavel Klimkin

Ukraine's Pavel Klimkin tenders his resignation

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin has tendered his resignation today. "As I have promised, I have just written my letter of resignation," he informed in a video published on his Facebook page. …

Kiev reports on meeting with Trump

The United States is ready to pressure Russia and join the Donbass settlement process, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said. According to Klimkin, the keynote political message is the actual wish to …

Donbass truce turned out to be April Fool's joke

Yesterday Ukraine informed NATO of its intentions to achieve compliance with the ceasefire in the east of Ukraine starting from April 1, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin said after the meeting of the NATO-Ukraine …

Ukraine plans to file lawsuit against Russia

Ukraine will file a lawsuit against Russia this week over Russia’s alleged violation of the Convention of the Law of the Sea, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin said. "The first big suit will be …