European vaccination: from vampire castle to Salisbury Cathedral

As the vaccination campaign is gaining steam, some European nations resort to the most uncanny of places to provide people with the anti-COVID jab. Football stadiums, cathedrals, subway stations, cinemas and even the infamous Dracula’s castle in Romania are all used to attract people into getting the vaccine

7 countries open to travelers vaccinated against Covid-19

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the travel industry, countless destinations around the world are rolling out vaccines to their most vulnerable citizens. According to CNN, the UK has already vaccinated over 15 million people, while the US  is currently administering 1.6 million shots a day. Meanwhile, Denmark has announced plans to launch a coronavirus digital passport by the end of February that will act as documentation the holder has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19

Will Turkish Stream go to Moldova?

Chisinau is in talks with Russian gas giant Gazprom to receive gas via the Turkish Stream pipeline, Moldova's Economic Minister Vadim Brynzan said. "We are holding negotiations with Gazprom to get gas …