Russia and Great Britain

Russia gives answer to UK sanctions

Russia has banned entry to 25 British citizens in retaliation for similar measures by Britain, Russia's foreign ministry said on Saturday, without providing their names, informs. Britain brought sanctions against 25 …

Putin congratulates new UK premier

Russia's president sent a congratulatory message on Wednesday to U.K.'s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his election to the post, Anadolu agency reports. Both Russia and the U.K. would benefit from the development of …

London's anti-Russian organization revealed in Armenia

The British Integrity Initiative project acted in Armenia for anti-Russian purposes. The relevant information was revealed by the hackers from the Anonymous group who published various documents including contracts, lists of experts and …

Russia managed to save Assad as president, London says

Britain is resigned to Syrian President Bashar al Assad remaining in power and Russia gaining a new sphere of influence in the region, the foreign secretary has signalled, Sky News reports. But, speaking exclusively to Sky News, Jeremy …

Is Europe preparing a diplomatic blockade against Russia?

The United States and up to 20 European countries are preparing to expel Russian diplomats. The unprecedented co-ordinated action will begin on Monday with the recall of the European Union’s ambassador to Moscow for four weeks, …

Head of British Council to remain in Russia

The head of the British Council will remain in Russia and will be able to perform the functions of the cultural adviser at the embassy, "Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said today. "He …