Russia and Kazakhstan

First Russian paratroopers depart from Kazakhstan

The first units of Russian peacekeepers from the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) peacekeeping contingent have departed from Kazakhstan aboard military transport planes and are heading for Russia, Russia’s Defense Ministry …

CSTO begins pullback from Kazakhstan

CSTO forces have begun their gradual withdrawal from Kazakhstan after it was gripped by anti-government rallies that spilled into deadly violence this month, the Russian military announced Thursday. Russia’s Defense …

Russian peacekeepers begin training in Kazakhstan

Russian peacekeepers in Kazakhstan have begun training at the Almaty airfield, during which they work out issues on preventing emergency situations, the Russian Defense Ministry told reporters. It is specified that the units of the …

Peacekeepers regain control of Almaty airport

On Friday morning, peacekeepers, together with law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan, took control of the Almaty airport. "By now, together with the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Almaty airport …

Aeroflot suspends flights to Kazakhstan

Aeroflot Airlines cancelled flights to Kazakhstan, scheduled for January 6-8, and also suspended the sale of tickets to the country for the near future. "In connection with the current situation, the sale of tickets for …

Kyrgyzstan evacuates 20 Russians from Kazakhstan

The Kyrgyz authorities evacuated dozens of their citizens from Kazakhstan, as well as citizens of Russia, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic reported that on January 6, the evacuation of citizens …