Russia and NATO

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Russia-NATO Council to be held on October 31

The Russia-NATO Council, which will be held on on October 31 in Brussels, will discuss the United States’ plans to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty) at its upcoming meeting, Director of the Russian …

Moscow not refusing dialogue with NATO

Moscow is not refusing dialogue with NATO and it will seek expansion of military contracts within the NATO-Russia Council, RussianDeputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said on Friday, UrduPoint …

NATO sees another ”threat from Russia”

As the U.S. European Command and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Curtis Scaparotti, said today, the Alliance is preparing for actions, which are ‘’ the reaction to the growing threat from Russia. Among the …

Russia ready for dialogue with NATO

Russia is ready for a serious dialogue with NATO, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said, noting that the Alliance, in turn, is not ready to restore normal military ties with the Russian Federation. …

NATO comments on Russia's upcoming military drills

NATO spokesman Dylan White said that Russia had briefed the alliance on the Vostok-2018 planned exercise in May and that NATO planned to monitor it.  According to the spokesman, Russia had invited military …

Putin: NATO moving closer to Russian border

NATO is moving its military infrastructure closer to the Russian border and Russia needs to strengthen its own infrastructure in response, the country's President Vladimir Putin said, speaking at a news conference after talks …