Russia and Turkey

Turkey hopes to resume flights with Russia by June 1

With a glance towards the falling number of coronavirus infections across the country, Turkey will be ready to resume flights with Russia by June 1, Turkish Ambassador to Russia Mehmet Samsar said. The task has been set in the country …

Russia to bring back its citizens from Turkey

An Operational Headquarters to organize the return of Russians from Turkey to be created, Rosavia informs. It is reported that the Operational Headquarters of the Federal Air Transport Agency will regularly inform the Ministry of …

Turkish Airlines suspends Russia flights

Starting on April 15, Turkish flag carrier Turkish Airlines has suspended flights service to Russia, mirroring a decision by Moscow. The restriction on flights to Russia will remain in force until June 1, …

Six Russians injured in road accident in Turkey

Of the 26 Russian tourists who were involved in today’s accident in Turkey, 19 people did not receive serious injuries, the condition of six people is being clarified, the Rostourism informed in a statement. "According to …

Russia and Turkey mark 100 years since Moscow Treaty

Today marks 100 years since the MoscowTreaty was signed by representatives of the government of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the government of Soviet Russia (RSFSR). Yesterday, on the eve of the anniversary, a …