transport in Russia

2022 declared Year of Ecology in Sochi

The Sochi authorities declared the next year the Year of Ecology. “We have announced the next year in Sochi as the Year of Ecology, electric and gas buses to appear on the streets of the resort,” the mayor of the city, …

Movement restored on Novorossiysk - Kerch highway

In Anapa, traffic in both directions on the temporary section of the federal highway A-290 has been restored, the press service of the Uprdor Chernomorye informed. Earlier, this section of the Novorossiysk - Kerch highway was closed due …

Wind topples trees in Moscow

According to preliminary data, a strong wind toppled more than 10 trees in different parts of Moscow, a source familiar with the situation informed. No one was hurt, Interfax reports with a reference to the source.  The …

119 flights canceled or delayed in Moscow

According to the Yandex.Respisanie service, 119 flights were postponed or delayed at Moscow airports due to heavy snowfall. In particular, 57 flights were delayed and 22 aircraft were banned from departing at Domodedovo. One …

20 flights delayed or canceled at Moscow airports

According to the data from the Yandex. Schedules service, in Moscow airports Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo 27 flights were delayed and cancelled due to heavy snow. As of 11:54 (Moscow time), two flights were cancelled at Vnukovo, …