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Over 4,600 Russian servicemen recover from COVID-19

 More than 4,600 Russian servicemen have already recovered from the novel coronavirus infection, the Russian defense ministry said in a bulletin. "In the past 24 hours, as many as 98 servicemen of the Russian armed forces …

Mi-8 military helicopter crashes near Moscow, crew dies

The crew of the Mi-8 helicopter of the Russian aerospace forces that crash landed near Moscow has died, the Russian defense ministry said. "A Mi-8 helicopter of the Russian aerospace that was on a training flight crash landed …

Robots will replace soldiers in combat, says Russia

For Russia, the question of robots taking over the role of soldiers on the battlefield is a matter of when, not if. “Living fighters will gradually begin to be replaced by their robotic ‘brothers’ who can act faster, more …

Russia among top-5 world's largest arms producers

Russia moved to fourth place in the sales of arms ranking, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). In 2019, 3.9% of Russia's GDP went to military spending, amounting to $65.1 billion. …

Russia completing tests of S-500 systems elements

Tests of certain elements of Russia's next-generation S-500 air defence missile system are being completed, director-general of the Design Bureau for Special Machine-Building (part of Almaz-Antey company) Vladimir …

Putin: we not going to fight against anyone

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is not going to fight against anyone and it is laying the groundwork so that other countries will not have the slightest urge to unleash an armed conflict with Moscow. …

U.S. modernizes nuclear triad

The United States should maintain the nuclear triad's viability and modernize it as an effective deterrent against Russia's upgraded weapon, deputy undersecretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment Alan …

Russia to ship Pantsir-S1 air defense systems to Serbia

Russia and Serbia signed a deal on one battery made up of six Pantsir-S1 missile systems and will have it delivered this year, a source in the defence cooperation sector said. "The deal for one battery was signed last year. …