Russian gas and oil

Gazprom increases France gas export 1.5-fold year-to-date

Gas export to France by Gazprom has increased by almost 1.5-fold since the beginning of the year, whereas reserves in the country’s underground storage facilities have dropped below 30%, Russia’s top gas producer said in a statement …

Fortuna vessel resumes work in Danish waters

Russia's vessel Fortuna has begun laying pipes in the waters of Denmark after successfully completing preparatory work for the resumption of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, the operator of the pipeline, Nord Stream 2 AG, …

Biden: Nord Stream 2 pipeline is 'bad deal' for Europe

U.S. President Joe Biden believes the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline is a "bad deal for Europe" and his administration will be reviewing restrictions on the project included in a bill that passed during the Trump administration, the …