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Daesh claims responsibility for attack in Dagestan

The Daesh terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Dagestan, more precisely, its local affiliate, the Amaq news agency, which supports the Islamic State group, reports. Recall, one police officer was killed and ...

CTO regime lifted in settlements of Ingushetia

The counter-terrorism operation (CTO) regime imposed in some settlements of Ingushetia has been lifted, the spokesman of the FSB department in Ingushetia said. "This decision was made due to the lack of terrorist threats in the …

Teacher kidnapped in Tabasaransky district

Unidentified people kidnapped a school teacher in the Tabasaransky district of Dagestan yesterday, a source in the law-enforcement agencies said. Four unidentified people refused to surrender and opened fire at the law enforcers. The head …

Criminal injures police officer in Sergey-Pole

In the village of Sergey-Pole in Sochi's Lazarev district a police officer was injured while arresting a criminal, the operational services of the region reported. The attacker shot at the officer during an identity check. "As …

Police station attacked in Mamedkala

Unidentified assailants attacked a police station in the village of Mamedkala in Dagestan's Derbentsky District at about 23.00 last night, a source in the law enforcement bodies of the republic said, adding that a police officer was …

Counter-terrorism operation regime lifted in Nalchik

A counter-terrorism operation regime, imposed on Nalchik at 19:50 (MSK), was lifted in connection with the completion of all operational activities at 21:45 (MSK) on November 22. A group of 14 militants, including its leader Yuri …

CTO regime introduced in Karabudakhkent district

A counter-terrorist regime has been imposed in one of the gardening partnerships of the Karabudakhkent area in Dagestan, a representative of the operational headquarters of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee in the republic reports. …

Two bandits eliminated near Nazran market place

Two members of a bandit organization were killed during a special operation in Nazran, the Interior Ministry of Ingushetia reports. Today at approximately 17:00 MSK near the Central Market Hall in Nazran, law enforcement officers tried …