Russian sanctions

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Russian Foreign Ministry to respond to new US sanctions

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the US should not harbor illusions that their sanctions will be left unanswered. "Washington’s actions devalue its own signals about being interested in cooperation with us on several …

Suppliers of sanctioned cheese detained near Moscow

In the Moscow Region enforcement officers suspended the activity of a criminal group whose members supplied sanctioned products in the region of the capital for a long time, the official representative of the Ministry of Interior of Russia …

Montenegro upset by extension of Russian food embargo

Montenegro is upset that the country was included on the list of the Russian food embargo. "The Government of Montenegro regrets today's decision by the government of the Russian Federation to include Montenegro on the list ...

Russia extends food embargo to 5 countries

Russia has extended its food embargo to 5 countries: Iceland, Montenegro, Albania, Liechtenstein and Ukraine. "The countries' argument for making that decision is that they are obliged to enter ...