Russian weapons

Russia supplied arms for $ 13 billion in 2020

In 2020, Russia exported military products worth of about $ 13 billion, Rostec head Sergei Chemezov informed today.  “We fulfilled completely the state defense order for armaments, which are on the …

 Satellite imagery shows S-300 missile in U.S.

Satellite images recently surfaced online after military enthusiasts discovered the installations which appeared to show elements of the Soviet-designed S-300PT system located at a U.S. military range. The military site Defence Blog …

US offers Turkey to choose between C-400 and Patriot

A U.S. delegation that met with Turkish authorities in Ankara this week asked Turkish government to drop the purchase of Russian S-400 missile systems in exchange of U.S. made Patriots, Ahval reports with a reference to Yeni Şafak …

Armenia receives $200mln worth of Russia's weapons

Armenia’s army has received all weapons under a 200 US dollar-worth loan agreement with Russia, Armenian Defense Minister David Tonoyan said. "State-of-the-art Russian weapons have been completely supplied …