Russian youth

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 Putin urges to reset Russia's demographic policy

The demographic situation in Russia has deteriorated once again so comprehensive measures need to be taken to reset the state policy in this field, preventing a decline in the country’s population, Russian President Vladimir …

Putin visits Tavrida forum

Russian President Vladimir Putin has voiced support to the idea of scholarship support to finance second higher education for future film directors. "The existing law allows to receive higher education free of …

Russia's Diplomatic Academy hosts 'UN Model'

The sixth annual conference "the UN International Model' of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry's student club (DAIMMUN 2017) started in Moscow. 'UN Model' is an interactive educational game for …

Putin: Russia's wonderful future is inevitable

Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded prizes in science and innovation for young scientists in 2016, expressing confidence that Russia has a fine future. "The fundamental basis of this country has such deep and …

Kremlin avoids discussion on wearing hijabs at schools

The Kremlin would like to refrain from becoming a party of discussion on wearing hijabs at schools, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. "There have been really different approaches to the issue. You know that there have been …

Vladimir Putin: education is path to better results

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the students of the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU). Speaking to the students, the President noted that education is a path to better results. "Europe should …

 Youth evaluates Putin's work

The ‘Public Opinion’ Foundation has published the results of a poll conducted among Russian youth on the eve of the opening of the Russian People's Front forum in Yalta. According to the poll results, published at the organization's website, the Russian President Vladimir Putin is managing well his presidential duties and people do not plan going to rallies.