Three injured in Turkey's Samsun car accident

Three people suffered injuries in a road accident in Turkey’s Samsun yesterday evening. The accident occurred in the Janik district of Samsun province at 21:30 local time, Turkish media reported. Rescuers, …

Two more bodies found after ship sinks off Turkey

Coast guard units have found two more bodies of crew members after a cargo vessel sank off Turkey’s Black Sea coast on January 7, the State Maritime Administration of Azerbaijan reported. Their identities are currently …

ISIS 'agriculture minister' arrested in Turkey

ISIS co-called agriculture minister was arrested today during an anti-terror operation across Turkey, local media reported. Ten ISIS terror suspects were arrested in  counter-terrorism operation in Turkey's Kayseri …

Maestro Niyazi completes its first international voyage

Azerbaijani cargo ship 'Maestro Niyazi' has delivered 4600 tons of grain from the Russian port of Yeisk to the Turkish Samsun, successfully completing its first voyage outside the Caspian Sea, the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company …