Sanctions against Iran

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Russia requests U.N. Security Council meeting on Iran

Russia requested a United Nations Security Council meeting on Iran on Friday, diplomats said, as the United States sought to restore all U.N. sanctions on Iran in a move rejected by Moscow. Russia requested a public virtual meeting …

US refuses to participate in online summit on Iran

The US believes that the UN Security Council is the best place to discuss the issue of extending the arms embargo against Iran, a State Department spokesman said today, commenting on Russian President Vladimir Putin's …

U.S. expands scope of Iran metals sanctions

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he was expanding the scope of Iran metals sanctions, targeting 22 specific materials that he said were used in connection with Iran’s nuclear, military or ballistic missile programs. …

Arms embargo to be extended on Iran?

Washington has shared a draft resolution with members of the United Nations Security Council that would extend an arms embargo on Iran indefinitely, according to diplomats. With the ban on arms transactions with Iran set to expire …