Sergei Kalashnikov

Russia finalizes dual citizenship bill

Russian lawmakers expect to vote on legislation that would allow dual Russian citizenship for foreigners as soon as this month. The dual citizenship bill "will definitely be introduced in the State Duma in February," …

Kalashnikov to develop new electric supercars

Russia's Kalashnikov Concern is developing the technology of an electric supercar, which is expected to become a competitor of world leaders in this field, including Tesla, the company said. "We are developing our own concept …

Experts: Russian economy has adapted to shocks

The Russian economy has adapted to shocks as a whole, the head of the Economic Department of the Institute for Energy and Finance, Marcel Salikhov, said at the round table titled 'The macroeconomic situation in Russia and the …

What hinders the development of the Russian economy?

The First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy, Sergei Kalashnikov, gave an assessment of the current situation in the Russian economy, and also spoke about the causes of the crisis and ways out of it. …

Experts: Russian economy needs changes

Russia has all the necessary conditions for the recovery of economic growth, but it is necessary to fundamentally change the approaches to the regulation of the economy and the economic model to move from words to actions. Such an opinion was ...