Sergey Zheleznyak

Armenian press review (March 24 - 30)

Whether the drop in Russian gas prices is possible, who will become the president in 2018, why the Central Bank of Armenia is not in a hurry to publish data on money sent to physical figures in February through the Armenian banks from abroad

Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year, dear readers, viewers and listeners of Vestnik Kavkaza! Our collective together with the Russian politicians, who have repeatedly appeared on our pages, would like to congratulate you on the upcoming holiday. "I …

Results 2015: Russia

For Russia, 2015 was a year of consolidation of society, which has passed through many trials of an economic and political nature. These trials not only created discord among the citizens, but united them even more in the face of common threats, …

SKFO journalists determine main tasks

The 3rd media forum of the North Caucasus, organized by the 'Caucasus' Center for Contemporary Caucasian policy started its work today in Pyatigorsk with the support of the apparatus of the plenipotentiary …

Russia marks Flag Day

Today residents of the Russian Federation honor one of main symbols of our country and our nation. Russian State Flag Day is marked on August 22nd. The state flag of the Russian Federation traces its history back to 1668.