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Lawyer: Scythian gold can be returned to Crimea

The Dutch Supreme Court will reconsider the decision of the District Court of Amsterdam, that ruled to send Scythian gold exhibition to Kiev instead of Crimea, if Crimean museums appeal the decision, Crimean museums' Lawyer Michel van …

Number of terrorist attacks prevented in Crimnea

A group of Ukrainian saboteurs, detained by Russia's Federal Security Service in Crimea's Sevastopol on November 9, are staff members of the Main Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry intelligence …

Russia's FSB detains Ukrainian saboteurs in Crimea

Russia's Federal Security Service detained a group of Ukrainian saboteurs in Sevastopol on November 9, who it said were planning to attack military sites and vital infrastructure in Crimea. The FSB said it had confiscated …

EU adds Crimean deputies to sanctions list

The European Union has added six new Crimean deputies in Russia's State Duma to its sanctions list over Russia's annexation of Crimea. The EU sanctions have been imposed on individuals and entities that, according to Brussels, …

New missile ships arrive in Sevastopol

Today, the new missile boats of the Black Sea Fleet ‘Serpukhov’ and ‘Zeleniy Dol’ arrived in Sevastopol. They returned after performing a task in the Mediterranean Sea as part of the operational group of the Navy, this was …

Russia celebrates Navy Day

Today Russia will celebrate 320th anniversary of its Navy. Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu congratulated soldiers and veterans on their professional holiday and highlighted their great skills and military training, the Ministry of …

Impregnable fortress of Black Sea Fleet

Historical land battery-35 was one of the most powerful fortifications of the Soviet Union. Its construction began in the early XX century for strengthening of Sevastopol as a base of the Black Sea Fleet. By the beginning of the Great …

Concept of general plan of city introduced in Sevastopol

A concept of the general plan of the city has been introduced in Sevastopol. A developer of the planning document is the architectural bureau ‘Ostozhenka’, as well as the NGO ‘Integrated Urban Design Institute of the General …