Skripal case

Trump imposes second set of Salisbury sanctions

U.S. President Donald Trump has signed an order to impose the second package of sanctions against Russia under the 2018 case of using of the nerve agent, Novichok, in Salisbury (the United Kingdom), Politico reported quoting two …

Date when Skripal sanctions to come into effect revealed

The United States’ new anti-Russian sanctions imposed over the Skripals case will come into effect presumably from August 27, a State Department spokesperson said. "On August 6, the United States has determined, for purposes …

Skripal sanction: US brings down iron curtain

The new United States sanctions on Russia will be a very great sweep of the Russian economy, a senior US State Department official said. "We are applying these sanctions against essentially all state – Russian state-owned or …

Washington preparing sanctions on Russia's sovereign debt

The US plans to impose new sanctions on Russia, In early April, lawmakers in the US Congress introduced a bipartisan bill that would impose additional sanctions on Russia over the Skripal case. The sanctions should be imposed not later …