South Caucasus

Black Sea connectivity and the South Caucasus

Regional actors need to work together to make the most of the potential for greater trade connectivity between Europe and wider Central Asia via the Black Sea and the South Caucasus. The United States and European Union must support them. As …

Biden to intensify US policy towards South Caucasus

Joe Biden’s administration will face multiple foreign policy issues that diminished America’s global position in the last four years. Among them will be a radically changed geopolitical landscape in the South Caucasus. Georgia, as the only pro-Western state, will be a focus for US policy, but it will also require reinvigoration of bilateral ties, Caucasus Watch writes in the article Biden and the US policy towards the South Caucasus

Will Armenia take advantage of new prospects for regional cooperation?

On Dec. 10, 2020, Baku witnessed its first-ever military parade since the country regained independence in 1991. Azerbaijan celebrated its military victory over Armenia in the 44-day Second Karabakh War – the “Patriotic War” – which lasted from Sept. 27 to Nov. 10. Apart from being a magnificently proud moment in the history of independent Azerbaijan, this Victory Parade also symbolized the beginning of a new era in the South Caucasus region

The Master and Margarita

Famous song of Alla Pugacheva, “A Million Scarlet Roses” to the verses of Andrei Voznesensky, tells of the crazy and very beautiful act of a poor artist who spent all his property on flowers for his beloved in the hope of …