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Spain calls for ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Spain’s Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez is concerned about the recent escalation in hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan and called for a ceasefire during a press conference on Monday. Her comments come after 21 people …

Messi decided to leave 'Barcelona'

Argentinian forward of FC Barcelona Lionel Messi is leaving the club after speaking with new head coach Ronald Koeman from the Netherlands, Spain’s As newspaper reports. Earlier, Messi tendered his transfer request. FC …

Antonio Banderas 'cured' of coronavirus

Spanish actor Antonio Banderas said that he was "cured" of the coronavirus, which he contracted several weeks ago. The actor said on Twitter he had kept to a "disciplined confinement" for 21 days since learning …

Scientists explain why COVID-19 impacts only some organs

Several reports have recently been published regarding how the novel coronavirus impacts the lungs, and then can spread to other organs such as the heart, kidneys and liver. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers have …

Europe braces for second COVID-19 wave

Europe is bracing for a second wave of coronavirus as continuing outbreaks raise the prospect of reimposed restrictions at a time when millions of people are travelling across the continent for their summer holidays, The Guardian writes. …

Seven countries with big (and small) population problems

A major new study published in the Lancet medical journal suggests falling fertility rates mean nearly every country could have shrinking populations by the end of the century, and warns of a "jaw-dropping" impact on societies. As …

Russia moves up to second place in COVID-19 cases

Russia has surpassed Spain and currently ranks second in the world in the number of officially confirmed coronavirus cases, according to TASS data based on statements made by these countries’ authorities. According to the latest …