Russia's Il-20 aircraft disappears near Syrian coast

Russia’s Il-20 military aircraft with 14 servicemen on board vanished from radar over the Mediterranean Sea late Monday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said. The official added that the plane went off the radar while F-16 …

Russia forming permanent force grouping in Syria

Russia has started forming a permanent grouping of forces at the Tartus naval facility and the Hmeymim airbase in Syria, Russia's Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said today at a conference call. "Last week, the …

Russian air bases to remain in Syria

The Russian military bases in Khmeimim and Tartus will remain in Syria after the end of the counter-terrorist operation,  the chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, Viktor Bondarev, said, noting that their …

Russia plans permanent naval base in Tartus

Russia plans to deploy a naval base in Syria’s Tartus on the permanent basis, the Russian Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov said at a meeting of the Federation Council’s international affairs committee. …