Turkish Parliament

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Turkey won't abandon secular constitution

Turkey, an overwhelmingly Muslim country, should have a constitution based on Islam rather than a secular constitution, the speaker of the Turkish parliament has said in a speech. Secularism has been the cornerstone of modern Turkey for …

Turkey to form its own space agency

The Turkish government has started the procedure of establishing a national space agency, Anadolu reports. According to Trend, the Space Technology Agency under the Ministry of Transport, Maritime …

Russian sanctions may cost Turkey $20 billion

The deputies of the Turkish parliament from the Republican People's Party (CHP) have calculated potential losses from the Russian sanctions, kp.ru reports with reference to the Hurriyet Daily News. The Turkish province of Antalya will ...

New Turkish government approved

The Turkish parliament has expressed confidence in the new government, which was formed on the basis of the repeat elections on November 1st. The new government received support from 315 parliament …

Turkish parliament temporarily headed by Deniz Baykal

The former head of the Republican People's Party (CHP), Deniz Baykal, has been appointed the interim head of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. He will perform these functions until forming the new government, the TV …

Mandate to form Turkish government to be given this week

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will demand the formation of a government, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said. "After parliament’s administration is constituted, the Bureau of the Assembly will be officially established.

Turkish Parliament set for election of speaker post

The speaker of the Turkish parliament is set to be elected today. Four candidates are contesting for the post, including Ismet Yilmaz from the Justice and Development (AK) Party, Deniz Baykal from the Republican People's Party (CHP), …

Gul makes a condition to Erdogan

Former Turkish President Abdullah Gul made a statement today about his readiness to head a coalition government of the republic, but only under one condition. According to Trend, Gul stressed that he will guide the work of the new …