Turkish central bank

Turkey's external assets at $227.1B in October

Turkey's external assets amounted to $227.1 billion as of Oct. 31, down 10.4% from the end of last year, the Turkish Central Bank announced Friday. The country's liabilities against non-residents during the same period also fell …

Turkey finds way to increase its gold fund reserve

Turkey plans to increase the country's gold reserve through the sale of old cars without owners, and confiscated ones as well. According to Turkish media, local municipalities will sell abandoned or confiscated cars, and the …

Turkey withdraws its gold reserves from US

Turkey’s Central Bank has transferred its gold reserves stored in the US Federal Reserve System to Turkey, Turkish media reported, citing sources in the government. The total volume of the gold reserves of Turkey’s …

 Turkish Lira Climbs To 11-day High Against US Dollar

The Turkish Lira drifted higher against the US dollar in European trading on Tuesday, as the latter weakened across the board, while emerging market assets saw demand on bets that the UK is likely to remain in the EU at the referendum …