Turkish-Kurdish conflict

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Two people killed in PKK attack in Mardin

Members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) have attacked a military unit in the province of Mardin in southeastern Turkey, leaving two dead and 14 servicemen injured, local media report. Turkish armed forces launched …

60 PKK members killed in Cizre

60 members of the PKK organization, which is banned in Turkey, have been killed in the course of a special operation conducted by the security forces in the Turkish town of Cizre located in the province of Şırnak,'' local mass media reported. Law enforcers ...

Turkish soldiers are fighting PKK in Diyarbakir

In Turkey, in the center of Diyarbakir, where confrontations continue between the army and members of the PKK, which is banned in Turkey, there is an intense battle with the use of machine guns and artillery, shots of which can be heard …

25 PKK members eliminated in Turkey

As the result of a number of special operations in the south-east of Turkey, 25 members of the PKK, banned in the country, were killed, local media reported. Four terrorists were eliminated after the attack on a police station in the …

Turkey’s military left without New Year celebrations

The General Staff of Turkish Armed Forces has cancelled New Year celebrations in all military units, Turkish media report. The celebrations were cancelled due to the serious losses of Turkish army during the clashes with the Kurdistan …

Protests in Istanbul: police use water and gas again

Today in Istanbul a protest broke out due to the murder of the head of the Diyarbakir Solicitors' Association, Tahir Elche, the former leader of the Turkish Kurds in Sur. According to Reuters, about 2000 inhabitants of Istanbul have …