US Congress

Biden accused of “surrendering” to Russia

U.S. President Joe Biden is facing bipartisan backlash to his administration’s agreement with Germany that allows a controversial Russian natural-gas pipeline to be completed, Politico writes. Biden and his deputies have long been …

Joe Biden certified as next U.S. president

U.S. Congress affirmed President-elect Joe Biden's victory after Pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol and the delayed proceedings. In the gravest assault on the symbol of American democracy in more than 200 years, …

What we know so far about storming of U.S. Capitol

Supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump stormed yesterday evening the U.S. Capitol building where Congress meets in an attempt to overturn the results of the Nov. 3 election won by Joe Biden. Some protesters managed to get inside of …

U.S. House overrides Trump veto on defense policy bill

The U.S. House voted Monday to override Donald Trump’s veto of a $740.5 billion defense policy bill. If the Senate follows suit as expected in the waning days of Trump’s presidency, it will be the first time one of his vetoes has been …

Trump vetoes U.S. military spending bill as expected

U.S. President Donald Trump vetoed the annual defense policy bill, following through on threats to veto a measure that has broad bipartisan support in Congress and potentially setting up the first override vote of his presidency. The …

U.S. senator believes Nord Stream 2 to be stopped

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has expressed confidence that new U.S. sanctions will prevent the completion of a controversial Russian natural gas pipeline to Europe. "This project, I believe, will never deliver gas," Cruz told an …