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 US House approves sanctions against Russia

The House of Representatives of the US Congress passed a bill to toughen unilateral US sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. A total of 419 lawmakers supported the bill, with only three votes against. The document will be …

Trump's sanction game

President of the United States Donald Trump is holding a political game with the Congress, the first deputy chairman of the Russian Federation Council's Foreign Affairs Committee, Vladimir …

US Senate sends Russia sanctions bill to House

The U.S. Senate resolved a technical issue that had stalled a new package of sanctions on Russia but the measure faces opposition in the House that could mean more delays, lawmakers said. The Countering Iran's Destabilizing …

US sanctions against Russia to last forever

Senior senators in both parties on Monday night reached a bipartisan deal to add new sanctions on Russia and allow Congress to disapprove of any attempt by President Donald Trump to ease penalties on Moscow, U.S. Senator Bob …

 Devin Nunes Says There Was No Wiretap of Trump Tower

Rep. Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, said Sunday morning the documents delivered to the committee by the Department of Justice indicate there was no wiretap of Trump Tower. …

 Trump pledges ‘greatest military build-up in US'

US President Donald Trump said he would make a massive budget request for one of the "greatest military buildups in American history". Trump used remarks to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), …

US congressmen seek new sanctions against Iran

US Representatives Peter J. Roskam, Lee Zeldin , Leonard Lance and Doug Lamborn introduced the Iran Nonnuclear Sanctions Act of 2017 to target the Islamic Republic's support for terrorism, human rights abuses, and ballistic missile program. …

Details of US Senate's sanctions against Russia revealed

Senior US Republican and Democratic senators will introduce legislation on Tuesday seeking to impose a wide range of sanctions on Russia over its cyber activities and actions in Syria and Ukraine. According to a preliminary summary of …