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US lawmakers pass law against nuclear deal with Iran

The US House of Representatives has passed a law designed to prevent implementation of the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program.  The bill, approved by the lower house of Congress, provides for a reduction of the president's powers on …

Obama delivers his last speech to Congress

US President Barack Obama has delivered his last State of the Union speech to Congress. Obama stressed the need to fight the terrorist threat. He said that the modern international security system, formed in the …

Diaspora in California opposes anti-Azerbaijani bill

The Azerbaijani Diaspora in California has sent a petition against an anti-Azerbaijan bill submitted to Congress by Congressman Christopher Smith to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, as well as …

Will US become oil exporter?

Congressional leaders agreed on a fiscal plan that would avert a ban on crude oil exports from the US. The move "puts the United States in the driver’s seat of energy policy worldwide," Bloomberg cited the Republican …

Jeb Bush vows to stop Iranian nuclear deal

The US Congress should not approve the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, which will lift the sanctions against Tehran, Jeb Bush said during his first foreign policy speech as presidential candidate from the Republican Party. …

Amano tells US senators about nuclear deal

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano held a meeting with US senators, during which he told them about the details of the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program. "I received many questions. I was asked about the separate …

Hollywood stars urge Congress to support deal with Iran

A group of celebrities and political figures have joined together to make a video urging Congress not to undermine the Iran nuclear deal. The Hollywood cast including Jack Black, Natasha Lyonne and Morgan Freeman is joined by …

Garibashvili meets with US congressmen

Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili has met with a US Congress delegation headed by Peter Roskam. The two sides discussed issues of cooperation between the two countries.