USA and Iran

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Iran drafts bill to confront US sanctions

Iranian lawmakers have drafted a bill to react against a recent approval by the US House of Representatives on introducing fresh sanctions on the Islamic Republic, a senior diplomat said, Trend reported. Abbas Araqchi, an Iranian deputy …

The coming clash with Iran

By declaring that "we are officially putting Iran on notice,” Michael Flynn drew a red line for President Trump

American import banned in Iran

Iranian media reported today about  the adoption of the law banning the import of the consumer goods produced in the US by the Iranian parliament. The law was adopted in response to the extension of Washington's anti-Iranian …

U.S. allows American-made planes to be flown to Iran

The United States said on Friday it would allow foreign airlines to fly U.S.-made aircraft to Iran, providing greater assurance to aviation companies as Iran tries to re-establish trade and business links following the lifting of sanctions. …

Iran’s Zarif to Attend Oslo Forum 2016

 Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will travel to Norway next week to partake in the 2016 edition of the Oslo Forum, an annual international conference of armed conflict mediators and peace process actors. …

Kerry: lifting of sanctions against Iran is appropriate

Tehran has complied with its obligation to limit its nuclear program, so in January of the new year the sanctions against Iran may be cancelled. This was stated by the head of the US State Department, John Kerry, in a letter to …