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Russia to print bolivar bills for Venezuela

Venezuela’s government has turned to Russia's Goznak state-owned money printer to purchase 300 million new bolivar bills, Bloomberg reported.  The notes will carry denominations ranging from …

U.S. dependence on Russian oil  becomes apparent

According to the Energy Information Administration, Russia has become a second oil supplier to the United States after Canada. The thing is that the U.S. has lost heavy oil from Venezuela due to its own sanctions.And it's Russian …

Russia to boost Venezuela ties amid US pressure

Russia has pledged to boost military and economic co-operation with Venezuela to help the South American nation deal with growing US pressure, BBC reports. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's comments came after his meeting …

New Cuban Missile Crisis?

Russia's deployment of missile systems in Venezuela would be an effective response to the U.S. missile tests which violate the INF Treaty, member of the Russian State Duma's defense committee Alexander Sherin …