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Why is Kiev rejecting non-aligned status?

Rejection of the non-aligned status of Ukraine started to be established yesterday, when the Verkhovna Rada voted in favor of the corresponding bill of President Poroshenko. This rejection was caused by the desire of the new Kiev authorities to join NATO, but these plans are not destined to come true, in the opinion of political scientists Sergey Mikheev, Vladimir Zharihin, Sergei Slobodchuk and Sergei Kizima. 

Vladimir Zhаrikhin. The Maidan a year later

Vladimir Zharikhin, the deputy director of the Institute of the CIS Countries, sums up the results of the last year in Ukraine. According to the political scientist, the results of the year are not positive from the point of view of reaching the Maidan’s goals.

Three goals of Maidan

European integration, overthrowing the oligarchs and the representatives of the southeast – what was successful

Mikheyev becomes first politologist blacklisted by EU

Sergey Mikheyev, a Russian politologist, deputy head of the Vestnik Kavkaza Editorial Council, the director general of the Institute for Caspian Cooperation, has discovered that he has been put on the EU blacklist when he tried to cross the Finnish border. In his words, Lithuania asked the EU to ban him from entering the Schengen Area. He believes that the ban was a response to his position on the Ukrainian crisis. The political analyst claims that he got the visa from Poland.

Vladimir Zharikhin on the crisis of the Customs Union

 Vladimir Zharikhin, the deputy head of the CIS Countries Institute, stated that one of the results of the Minsk meeting is the appearance of disputes between members of the CU. In the context of growing confrontation between Russia and …

Results of CU-Ukraine-EU meeting in Minsk

No documents have been signed or major declarations made at the meeting of the Customs Union (CU), Ukraine and the European Union (EU) at the meeting in Minsk. Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed satisfaction with multilateral and bilateral talks, his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko noted potential for further negotiations in the trilateral format.

Vladimir Zharikhin: “Tymoshenko will undermine the elections”

Vladimir Zharikhin, the deputy director of the CIS Countries Institute, presents his forecast for the upcoming presidential elections in Ukraine. According to the political scientist, Yulia Tymoshenko and her supporters will do their best to undermine the elections.

Vladimir Zharikhin: “Yanukovych gave away everything except presidential position”

Vladimir Zharikhin, deputy director of the Institute of CIS Countries, speaks about what Victor Yanukovych could do to stay in power. The protests in Ukraine, which began as peaceful protests at the end of November 2013 in response to the suspension of the signing of an association agreement with the EU, have become a violent confrontation in which extremists and nationalists with their own political goals are fighting alongside the opposition forces.