Vnukovo Airport and FSB Academy receive bomb threats

Russia’s FSB Academy and Vnukovo Airport received an anonymous bomb threat report, and a security sweep is being conducted, an emergency source said. "An unknown person reported that an explosive device had been planted …

Bees cause flight delay at Moscow airport

Bumblebees that flew into the cabin of a plane ended up delaying the flight’s departure from Moscow’s Vnukovo airport to the Crimean capital of Simferopol, for almost 1.5 hours, the press service of Rossiya Airlines reported. …

Three Moscow airports receive bomb threats

Three Moscow airports, Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo and Zhukovsky, received anonymous calls about bombs on their territory, security services reported. Bomb threats are being investigated. It is specified that phone terrorists called …

AZAL and Vnukovo make Moscow and Baku closer

Today, an agreement to increase the number of regular flights Baku-Moscow to 2 per day was signed at the Moscow Vnukovo Airport. The agreement was signed between Vnukovo Airport CEO Vasily Alexandrov and the Vice-President of …

Almost 80 flights cancelled in Moscow

About 80 flights have been cancelled at Moscow airports due to bad weather conditions, according to the website. As of 10.15am Moscow Time, nine flights have been cancelled at the Domodedovo airport, 18 more will be delayed. …

UTair plane returns to Vnukovo due to malfunction

Boeing of UTair airline flying from Moscow's Vnukovo airport to Makhachkala had to return to the airport due to a technical malfunction, which was detected by pilots during the flight, the press service of Vnukovo reported. The …