Volkan Bozkir

Iran stripped of UN General Assembly voting right

Iran and the Central African Republic were stripped of voting power in the UN General Assembly due to non-payment of regular fees for two years, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said in a letter to the President of the 75th General Assembly …

 Erdogan ratifies readmission agreement with EU

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has ratified the readmission agreement signed with the EU, which is necessary for the abolition of visas to the Schengen area. The Agreement will enter into force upon …

Turkish authorities lose hope over EU visa-waiver

Turkish European Affairs Minister Volkan Bozkir said that he is not 'hopeful' over the prospects of overcoming a deadlock on part of the country's migrant deal with the European Union. The minister said …

 Turkey refuses to change anti-terrorism legislation

Turkey has fulfilled the required 72 criteria to meet a visa deal with the European Union, the Turkish Minister for EU Affairs Volkan Bozkir said today in Strasbourg, TRT TV channel reports. He noted that it is impossible to change the …

Turkey continues to form coalition government

The final round of negotiations between the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Republican People's Party (CHP) on the formation of a coalition government will take place in Turkey today, the Turkish news TV channel TRT Haber …