Exiled Azerbaijanis: "We are ready to live in liberated territories, even in tents."

As a young woman in 1993, Azerbaijani Ramziya Sharifova waded across a river into Iran with her family to escape Armenian forces capturing her village, then watched as they burned it to the ground. Nearly 30 years later, she's finally planning to go home. The 47-year-old librarian is one of the 750,000 Azerbaijanis who fled the Nagorno-Karabakh region in southwestern Azerbaijan and several surrounding districts in the early 1990s

Azerbaijan to rebuild liberated territories in a smart way

After the peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan in November 2020, the latter immediately set to work on the decontamination, reconstruction, rehabilitation and reintegration of liberated Karabakh, which had suffered enormous destruction over the course of the Armenian occupation over the last 30 years

Ilham Aliyev in Lachin: we destroyed Armenian fascism

 Azerbaijani army will never allow Armenian fascism to raise its head again, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said in his speech during a visit to the village of Gulabird, Lachin district. Yesterday, Ilham Aliyev, First …