Zhirayr Sefilyan

'Sassoon Braves': epilogue

The story of seizure of a police station by the armed group since July 17, when more than 30 armed opposition members held 11 people hostage, is over Yerevan. As a result of the anti-terrorist operation 'Sassoon Braves' …

‘Sassoon braves’ changed the reality in Armenia

The capture of the police building in Yerevan's Erebuni district, though it is local and being doomed to failure, is changing the political reality in Armenia, the director of the Institute of Caucasus , Alexander …

Armed men seize police building in Yerevan

A group of armed men seized a regiment of the police patrol and inspection service in Yerevan and demands the resignation of Armenian authorities, Armenian police press service reports. Troops are gathering near the building. …

Did coup attempt in Armenia fail?

The Armenian authorities have reported an attempt to commit a coup in the country today. An active member of the New Armenia movement, Zhirayr Sefilyan, has been detained over an attempt to seize several government …