attempt of military coup in Turkey

Turkish lira drops record amount

The national currency of Turkey fell a record amount against the backdrop of a failed coup attempt, mass dismissals in the army, courts and prosecutor's office. The lira dropped to 3.08 per the US dollar after the S&P rating …

Turkey announces three-month state of emergency

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced a three-month state of emergency on Wednesday as part of an escalating response to last week’s failed military coup. Erdogan said the aim was “to be able to …

How far will lead Turkey’s loud rhetoric against NATO?

After a failed military coup in Turkey the relations between Ankara and Washington cooled sharply. The issue of extradition of the Islamic scholar Fethullah Gulen, who lives now in America and who is considered the mastermind of …

Over 20 media outlets closed down in Turkey

Turkey’s Radio and Television Supreme Council has cancelled the licenses of over 20 media outlets, the Anadolu Agency reported July 19. Reportedly, the decision was made over the military coup attempt in the country. …

Bloody July 2016

This year’s mid-summer has become outstanding not only due to its unusual heat, but is also untypically rich with political turmoil: in just five days, from Thursday July 14th to Sunday July 18th, the world was shaken by several tragic ...

Turkish Police Raid Incirlik Airbase

The Turkish police raided the Incirlik airbase where the US-led coalition's jets are based, local media reported. Local newspaper, Hurriyet quoted informed sources as reporting that the Turkish …