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Review of Russian banks extended until 2019

Russia plans to extend a review of bank licenses for another two years, shutting down scores more banks after closing hundreds in the past four years, mostly for committing fraud or other crimes, Russia's central bank deputy governor …

Russian Central Bank revokes licenses of four banks

The Russian Central Bank made a decision to recall the banking licenses of one Moscow bank and three banks located in Kazan, the press service of the Central Bank said. According to the statement, the banks failed to comply the …

Turkey and Iran sign banking co-op deal

Turkish and Iranian central banks signed a memorandum of understanding to boost banking cooperation, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) said. The deal was signed by the deputy governor of CBI Mahmoud Yagoubi and …

Nabiullina: closure of banks saves Russia

The closure of weak players in the Russian banking sector in the second half of 2013 - the beginning of 2014 helped to mitigate the effects of external shocks, which hit the country's economy two years ago, the chairman of the Central …

Russian Central Bank revokes licenses from three banks

The Russian Central Bank has revoked a license from the NZBank, the Bank Metropol and the OLMA-Bank, the regulator said in a statement. The NZBank did not comply with legislation regulating banking activity, the central …

Russian Central Bank: ruble stabilizes

The volatility of the ruble has dropped significantly due to declining volatility of oil futures and returned to the level of the summer of 2014, the Bank of Russia reports. The regulator also noted that this month the market …

Austrian bank to open branch in Iran

Austrian banks are ready to broaden cooperation with Iranian banks and establish branches in Iran in the near future, the Austrian Ambassador to Iran Friedrich Stift said at a conference on developing Iran-Austria trade …

Loan history of Russians to no longer be a mystery

The banking community under the auspices of the 'Russia' association sent a letter to the Russian Central Bank with a request to cancel a consent of the Russians to a request to loan bureaus in some cases. …

CB RF begins to save Russian banks personally

Russian Central Bank has introduced a new scheme of redevelopment of Russian banks in order to ‘remedy’ financial institutions through the consolidation foundation of the banking sector. It will allow …