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Denis Ten's murders face 20 years in prison

The Almaty Prosecutor office demanded a 20-year sentence for the person accused in the murder of Kazakh figure skater Denis Ten. The trial began on December 25, 2018. Two men and a woman were charged in a …

Hearing on murder of Andrey Karlov begins in Ankara

The first hearing on the murder of Russian ambassador in Turkey Andrey Karlov has begun in Ankara today. According to the judge, several suspects are abroad; therefore, they would not be brought to court on …

Turkey seizes 1.5 tons of drugs hidden among soybeans

Turkish customs seized 1.5 tons of drugs in an anti-drug operation at the Greek border, the country's Trade Ministry said. According to the ministry, guards found the hashish in a tractor-trailer transporting soybeans at the Ipsala …

Iran executes businessman for economic crimes

Iran on Saturday executed a businessman sentenced to death by a fast-track court set up to fight economic crimes, state television reported, following an outcry against profiteering and corruption that has seen dozens of people jailed. …

Rize police chief killed in Turkey by another officer

Rize police chief Altuğ Verdi has died and two others wounded in shooting believed to have been carried out by a police officer at Rize Police Department in northeastern Turkey. Verdi was taken to the hospital in critical condition …

Trial of Russian envoy murder to begin in January

A criminal court in Ankara accepted an indictment stressing the FETO terror group's involvement in the December 2016 assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov. The indictment recommended …

Over 1 ton of heroin seized in Turkey's Erzincan

Over 1 ton of heroin was seized in the eastern Turkish province of Erzincan, the governorship said. According to the governor's office, anti-drug squads stopped a long-rig trailer truck en route from Istanbul to Van along the …

Wedding of 13 year old girl prevented in Jerusalem

Jerusalem police prevented the wedding of a 13 year old girl and a 16 year old boy from taking place yesterday night, a police spokesperson said.  Police units entered the ultra-religious neighborhood of Meah Shearim, after …

 Israel ends death penalty practice?

This week, Israel voted in favor of a United Nations resolution calling for a global moratorium on death penalty in an effort to abolish the practice altogether. Jerusalem on November 13 was one 123 countries that supported Resolution …