debt of Armenia

Armenia's national debt dangerously increases

Armenia's national debt has made up $6,675,000,000 in late 2017, in which the government’s share is $6,173,000,000, the country's minister of Finance Atom Janjughazyan said. Speaking during the …

Armenian external debt keeps growing

Armenia's external debt amounted to $5.1 billion as of December 1, 2017,  the country’s national statistical service. In November 2016, Armenia's external debt increased by $62 million, Armenian media reported. …

Armenia's national debt increases

The national debt of Armenia has reached $6.095 billion: in April 2017 it amounted to $6.038 billion, according to data of the National Statistical Service of the Republic. $550.9 million is debt held by Armenia's Central Bank …

Armenia’s debt surged by $267.5 million

Armenia’s aggregate state debt surged by 5.3% or $267.5 million from the beginning of the year reaching $5.345.2 billion at the end of June, according to the latest numbers, released today by the National Statistical Service (NSS). In June …